Webinar production

Webinar is one of the highest quality educational and communication solutions. As a webinar production company, both for our own needs and our clients, we see their importance and added value from the business point of view.

Engaging is the key to effective communication

A webinar is a great and powerful communication tool. This way you will reach HCPs with engaging and effective live video communication. A webinar can easily reach up to 30% of your targeted group. HCPs can access webinars from home, office, or anywhere from a mobile device.

Based on our long term experience in webinar production we offer:

  • consulting how to create an attention-grabbing webinar program

  • production aligned to your customer's profile and your project budget

  • multichannel invitation campaigns bringing more HCPs to the webinar

We know how to create a successful webinar

We help our customers to create the best customer experience aligned with your product promotion and available budget.

  • we offer a variety of recordings types: studio, virtual, or during the events

  • we offer various lengths: quick 10 minutes webinar, 30 minutes presentation, one or multiple day conference, and podcasts,

  • we help create content agenda and bring the right KOL to the table

  • we enhance visualization of slides and presentations, add interactivity like polls, chat, and games

  • we offer debates with remote guests

Proces webinaru

Going after wow-effect

Good webinar production can create wow-effect bringing even more attention to your customers to improve ROI. We help you to create that wave

  • create the maximum perception of the value bringing the right KOL to the table

  • find the best magnet - a good anchorman or special guest will do it

  • build a pre-roll campaign in multichannel using short and engaging video clips

  • get more out of webinar by cutting out "the best of the webinar" in a long-tail campaign

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More, better, and faster in the best quality

A webinar in our studio is produced by an experienced team of producers, camera operators, and video editors. We make sure that all visual elements of graphic design and scenography are consistent with the brand communication and brand design. Our studio is ready to record anytime even with lecturers connecting remotely.

oprawa webinaru

We know how to invite HCPs to the webinar successfully

We offer multiple ways to introduce and successfully register HCPSs to the webinar. We are using advanced technics, including retargeting methods and multichannel campaigns. As the result, we offer not only hcp activation but consent collection aligned with GDRP requirements for your further communication.

Webinar promo process

Remember, not everyone will see your webinar

Our knowledge and statistics show that attendance at your webinar will not exceed 15-20 percent of registered users. With Highp, we can extend this group two or even three times by sending follow-up messages to all of the registered users.

  • We will include a video summarizing the webinar summary

  • We will post the edited recording of the webinar

  • We will collect feedback on events

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