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Our story

Connectmedica was founded in 2011 as a pharmaceutical marketing agency. Since then, we have evolved into a global product company offering end-to-end omnichannel services and a Highp Video Presence platform.

The dynamic growth of our flagship product is our global success. We believe that the best results are achieved when the entire team is involved, bringing together diverse viewpoints, passion, and dialog. At Connectmedica, we can see our direct impact on the development of our company every day.


Our commitments

  • Excellence in customer service.
    Service quality does not end with working on technical solutions and creative projects. We know how important it is to focus on the needs of the customer.

  • Innovation for digital transformation
    Innovations that make a difference - We want to ensure success and sustainable results for our customers.

  • Cutting-edge software
    We provide solutions that delight customers and leave a lasting impression.

Our Values


With belief and trust in the people around you, anything is possible. That’s why we build our workplace on trust. We will give You a lot of freedom. Just act the way that makes all of us proud.


We challenge you with great responsibility from the start because when you develop, the company develops too. Every one of us can make a difference.


We encourage and help each other to achieve our goals, while always having our customers’ and company’s best interests in mind. When we share our skills, knowledge and experience we become one team. Diversity makes us strong.

Meet our team

Connectmedica is a team of 80 people and growing. We offer work in the following departments: New Business, Customer Service, Creative, Information Technologies, Back Office, Consulting.

We offer a solid career path from intern to senior manager. We are proud that so many of our key decision-makers in the company started with an internship years ago.

We set the bar high for our business and work culture. We expect transparent communication based on trust, commitment to goals, and support for others. When you join our team, you will immediately meet wonderful, positive people who are positive about the future.

Meet Igor, the Chief Executive Officer

"We love innovation. We are not another content service; you can expect us to bring new approaches to problem solving, a better customer experience, and more product-centric thinking. We are behind the first major portal for patients on the web, the first content management for the Department of Health website, the first network of websites for specialists, iPhone and Android apps for patients and doctors, and much more. Now we are focused on our best-in-class direct communications platform, Highp, to protect our customers' market share and improve successful product launches"

Igor Gnot - CEO

Meet Michael, the global strategic business director

"Our main goal is to reach a wide audience of decision makers in various international markets and to provide them with information about Highp and various Highp related services."

As sales managers, we need to efficiently guide our customers through the entire buying process, participate in numerous negotiation meetings and various contract discussions.


Meet Adam, the head of IT

"We are a group of technology enthusiasts that on daily basis work on creating and developing a great product."

We cooperate with each other tightly, although some teams work remotely from various locations. We use Slack, Teams, Jira, Confluence, Git. You find Java, PHP, Swift, Angular, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, GraphQL, Kubernetes in our technological stack. We develop using modern microservice architecture.

Adam Zakrzewski

Ready to join?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our hiring process

What does the recruitment process look like?

Below you will find the basic steps of the recruitment process. Note that there may occur slight variations depending on the team, but in general, here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. Submit your application after clicking the „apply” button on our career page and completing the questionnaire.

  2. If your application meets our requirements, you will be invited to the next stage: A meeting with HR and Recruiting Manager. We strive to make our process as time-efficient as possible. In this meeting, you will learn more about the company, team and the challenges related to the role you apply for.

  3. If you apply for the IT department, you will have a meeting with other team members that will help you get to know your closest colleagues and our work culture.

  4. In individual recruitment cases, we also have a final meeting with our CEO. We assure you that if all goes well with each of these 4 steps- you will find a job offer in your mailbox very quickly.

How will the company support my development?

You can count on regular support from your leader with whom you will set your development goals to combine your individual ambitions with the development and goals of Connectmedica. In addition, our Managers and people from the managerial development path participate in the extensive training program of the Manager Academy and individual Coaching meetings with an external coach. Depending on the current needs, we launch other training programs every year. Our employees can apply for external training combined with their position.

Can I work 100% remotely?

Yes, some of our teams work fully remotely. Others work in a mixed system, partly from our office in Warsaw at Woloska 22. 

I have passed the recruitment process in Connectmedica positively. What awaits me?

If you accept our offer, we will start your pre-onboarding process. You will receive a series of interactive communications that will guide you through the hiring process and allow you to learn more about the company, its people, and its practices. We want you to feel like a part of our community from day one. Once you join the company, we will engage you in a personalized onboarding process and a friendly buddy will guide you through the adjustment process.

Do we have an internship program?

Yes, at Connectmedica we invite you to a three-month internship where you will have the opportunity to start your professional career in one of our departments. The internship is intended for people who are interested in working on projects. As we are focused on longer cooperation, we would like to provide you with more knowledge and practical skills during these three months. After that, some of you may have the opportunity to receive a job offer. We give our internship program priority over the regular hiring process.