Webinar in metaverse

Metaverse is here - we offer a new kind of scientific webinar production with unlimited possibilities.


Virtual studio

Virtual studio is a studio designed in the computer, where cameras move freely in space and the quality of space does not deviate from the reality of architectural visualization. The studio visualization is each time adjusted to your brand, stand, or event design. 

Scan the QR code with your phone's camera and see the full DEMO version of the visualization. 


Traditional conferences and congresses no longer attract as much attention as they used to

  • Pandemic times have negatively affected the event industry. 

  • Competitors are delivering hundreds of similar unattractive webinars

  • You need to stand out during satellite sessions and educational programs

Create ultimated place

Sensational and exciting digital events

We offer a range of new features for digital marketers and medical event managers. We offer both technologies to create a completely virtual event, virtual booths, and virtual sessions. The perfect all-in-one solution to engage customers for a full day or multi-day event. We offer all the features like easy registration and chat with representatives.

More features for virtual webinars:

  • Live connection with your guests

  • Animated scene changes during the program

  • Guest presentation in 3D space

  • Presentations of educational or instructional programs

  • The camera follows the presenter during the program

  • Data animations and contextual information during the program

Famous and respected hosts

Regardless of whether the webinar will take place in a virtual space or in a traditional studio, the hosts are the top-class Key Opinion Leaders with whom we have had excellent relationships for years, as well as well-known and popular journalists and presenters.

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