Nearshore full-service IT and digital content outsourcing

Get the best talents for your project from Connectmedica, and focus on developing your business and key tasks. We specialize in digital pharma marketing.

Cooperation in the nearshore outsourcing model will reduce your costs related to the implementation of IT and digital content projects and allow you to focus on the most important tasks. We will cooperate in real time - contrary to the offshore model - we are in one time zone.

nearshore benefits: the same continent, the same time and culture, relatively small project costs, low logistic costs

Take advantage of Connectmedica's competences

We have knowledge, competencies, and an experienced team that will support you.

  • Certificates: Veeva CLM, Veeva Approved Email, IQVIA CLM OCE, Veeva Technology Partner
  • Customer Journey campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • DAM manage (Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience) content in Veeva Vault
  • Create and analyze reports in Microsoft PowerBI and Salesforce Tableau
  • Account and Project management in English or other selected languages, if needed.

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Outsource your digital projects in Connectmedica

  • 20 years of experience in pharma marketing
  • Customer lists spanning across 42+ markets around the world
  • Access to IT specialists in Poland with unbeatable value for money
  • UX design consultants, pharma marketing consultants and medical consultants will help design perfect product

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