Multichannel communication for OTC brands

We are creating innovative communication that will strengthen the brand's position as the expert.


Creating a story for the brand.

Ibuprom Zatoki is the leading brand OTC for sinus pain relief. We based the communication on an extraordinary event: a traveling doctor's office - Gabinet Zdrowych Zatok (Office of Healthy Sinuses). We invited consumers to a mobile diagnostic facility located in major shopping malls. The challenge - diagnose your sinuses with state-of-the-art equipment and learn more about how to treat pain. The engaging design of the communication and the unique value of the free exam attracted thousands of visitors. We used the real-life event to record an exceptional television spot promoting the brand as the undisputed expert in treating sinus pain. We then targeted customers on social media to attract even more attention.

HS stand

Refreshing brand positioning.

If you want your brand to look fresh and modern - it needs to offer an app. We developed a smart self-examination app that helps patients distinguish any pain from sinus pain. It was a quick hit and was downloaded by thousands of customers. It gave them a tool to support their health and a medium to connect with the brand.

Healthy Sinuses app

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