Fri 08, 2015

The story of Highp

Highp is a breakthrough business tool that enables the effective delivery of promotional content to customers via personalized video messages distributed via SMS, email and push notifications.

The beginning

In 2015, we were one of the largest pharmaceutical marketing agencies in Poland. We launched hundreds of web portals and campaigns for the leading Polish pharmaceutical brands. The next step - we wanted to become the best agency in the region.
In order to make a difference, we started looking for possible improvements. We felt that an important part of digital communication had fallen behind.


It all started with an internal research project.

We took a closer look at physicians' behavioral data. Not just in the digital realm, but more generally. We asked ourselves questions like why the role of the sales rep is still irreplaceable. Why do emails have such low retrieval rates despite interesting content?

As a result of our research, we found that customer engagement depends on three important factors - the relationship with the customer, the context of the communication, and the perception of the value of the content, i.e., "what do I get out of it."

The next step was to take a closer look at the interaction points. We made a simple decision derived from data - the next important communication device is the smartphone. The challenge is the variety of operating systems, screen sizes, capabilities of the device, and ultimately the reluctance to install apps.

Finally, we designed the solution and decided to turn our company into a product company. Highp was born.

Highp, Decision Based Education and Datuso.

At the beginning of 2017, we experimented with three different products. DBE was our truly new approach to CLM with a new decision-based presentation agenda with multiple paths and slides with video commentary. Highp was about video messaging sent directly to smartphones via SMS. Datuso was a dedicated app for capturing customer data updates and consent.


Let us bundle things together.

In 2018, we bundled all three products into a one-stop store for omnichannel video communications - Highp Video Presence was born. With the Highp package, we were finally able to offer complete workflows. Highp became a versatile tool that marketers could use to connect the dots. Highp also gained new features. Automation and Veeva add-ons, one of which will be released in 2019 - Remote Meetings.


Covid times

We have added remote meetings to our presentation system in 2020. We will stay true to the same principles - no app installation required for clients, instant invitations via SMS, smartphones as the main device for direct communication. Our main goal for Highp in 2020 was to prepare the system for a greater scale. We launched SFDC API integration for massive data synchronization for one of the global pharmaceutical companies. We introduced other add-ons for Veeva CRM, AE and Vault. Highp became a major product that enables organizations to access more healthcare professionals faster and easier than ever before. Field professionals are given the ability to send eye-catching messages with our apps and conduct remote meetings with instant SMS invitations when needed. Automation enables organizations to offer more sophisticated educational services for patients and physicians, such as conference highlights and micro-learning programs.


2021 and beyond

To find out how Highp works and can help your organization, please go to to learn more. 


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