Protect Your Market Share and Improve Product Launch with the next generation of video communication.

Digital direct marketing in pharmaceutical marketing is growing rapidly. It is a set of tools that enable sales representatives to reach out directly to HCPs with highly interactive content.

Highp - the direct messaging on steroids

There are some important reasons to equip field representatives with new digital tools. By communicating directly with HCPs, your team can quickly gain HCPs' attention for your brand and product. In some cases, this is easy; in others, it takes a complete process to move the HCP from ignorance to awareness and active prescribing of therapies. This cannot be accomplished with 140 letters in a SMS message. It requires a more sophisticated, but easy-to-use digital solution for the end-user. This is where the Highp Messaging solution comes into play, as it is a perfect fit for the following business scenarios:

  • Keeping MSLs in touch with specialists.

  • Staying in touch with physicians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Product promotion with visit restrictions.

  • Bringing global medical content to a local market.

  • Improving therapy outcomes with a remote educational program.

Highp goes beyond e-mailing and SMS

Even if you use automation tools like Marketing Cloud, Pardot or Eloqua, you'll end up sending static emails or SMS. You'll quickly find that this type of engagement is not enough to replace in-person visits. The engagement pyramid shows how your customers engage with different types of interaction. At the top, you see in-person meetings; at the bottom, static content. For simple brand awareness campaigns, sending millions of emails may be a good option. However, when you need to change the decision-making behavior of 100 HCPs and introduce them to a new product and treatment guidelines, you need a tool that helps your team share knowledge quickly and maintain the relationship beyond static emails. You need a personal video communication that you can send to your healthcare professionals' smartphone inboxes.

Engagement Piramid

Digital communication in the perfect context

For your team to be effective, at least three critical elements of communication must be leveraged: Relationship, Context, and Perception of Content Value. If you have a sales rep, nothing compares to their effectiveness when it comes to opening the door to new physicians. After a few minutes of talking, they may run out of time to present more products or services. There is always a lack of people or time to reach your target audience 100% of the time. Sometimes you may have a new product line that your current sales staff is not enough to handle. In this case, one of the best ways to optimize performance is to provide sales reps with a Highp app that they can use in various predefined contexts. For example, after a phone call or a visit. Instead of a visit. In the context of a global or local event that is happening. Highp is the perfect solution to support the work of your sales team without the need to improve, train or schedule CRM. You can implement Highp in less than 3 weeks.

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Pharma marketers thanks to the pandemic were forced to innovate. Some were looking to find a new effective method of maintaining the relationship between physicians and representatives during the lockdowns. 

Highp platform offered clients the perfect mix of direct, digital, personalized, rich-media messaging and remote meetings capabilities. Highp messaging was as part of a centrally coordinated campaign - on-demand, and in the context of remote meetings. The messages were interactive, well designed, and accessible to HCPs on all mobile devices without the requirement of installing any apps. The same was true for remote meetings: video-to-video meetings did not require HCPs to install any apps. 

As a result, one of our clients reached a 54% engagement rate with 81% reach.

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