Consent management

We offer a complete solution to update the customer database with consents

Everything to collect consents

Reaching out to customers in digital is a challenging goal. Most companies have a fragmented database, no phone numbers, old emails, and no up-to-date consents required by the GDPR. 

We provide complete end-to-end workflows for your business to quickly capture consents and updates.

We have multiple workflow options, including non-representative, 3rd party representatives, or your field force participation in the process. Our workflow can include single or double consent. All in compliance with Privacy, Security, and Data Governance.

Highp Insights

The best app to collect consents

Highp Insights app is a part of the Highp Video Presence platform. It's a dedicated app for field and event representatives to access and update the customer database. A small app does not require access to CRM and can be limited to a selected part of the database and fields. Our app is well secured by biometrical authentication against unrestricted access. Because access to records is necessary, our app has a few unique features to make the job done: 

  • App offers immediate access, fast synchronization, and encrypted data transfer.

  • Representatives can work in offline mode (100% effectiveness).

  • Offers fast data collection

  • Representatives can have multiple forms for specific jobs (e.g., quick or complete pathway)

  • Available single or multi-page forms

  • Available "fill and pass the device to representative" form 

  • Open integration with Salesforce and Veeva

Highp insights features

Comply with GDPR Requirements

Highp Insights provides a complete package of legal support, certification with local data protection legislation, and other elements required by applicable law. We comply with your Privacy, Security & Data Governance.

Highp Insights signing

End-to-end support for your project

If you choose to gather consent with your field team, we offer a Highp Insight training program. Your Representatives can quickly submit phone numbers, emails, and collect consents according to a specific scheme. You can acquire a pen signature or send an SMS message to collect consent on the internet.

For web-only activation, we offer special Highp web forms and automation that can help in handling unwanted contacts.

We offer evaluations to track sales rep performance and KPIs for incentive programs based not only on the number of consents collected but also on subsequent engagement across acquired channels. 

Highp and Veeva CRM

You can use Veeva Approved Email and Highp to quickly update your database. Please check the video for more details. 


Using Highp and Veeva to collect consent

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