Conference Highlights

Highlights are back. We offer coverage from global and local scientific events in the form of short video commentaries on key findings and deliver them directly to healthcare professionals' smartphones.

In times of rush, conference highlights are one of the most valuable digital services physicians and pharmacists look for.


Conference Highlights from Highp

What is the Conference Highlight service?

HCP wants to be the first to know the news from a selected global or local scientific event. It is your chance to offer explicit digital service delivered on behalf of your representatives. It's easy to sign up through your sales force or website.

  • HCPs receive daily invitations directly to their smartphones to view short video commentaries 

  • In 20 minutes or less, HCPs receive updates in their native language, presented by local KOL

  • Our advanced technology provides a seamless experience. No app installation is required. No pop-up windows or delayed video playback.

  • Optionally HCP requests are instantly routed to your marketing or sales team through built-in automation.

What do we offer?

  • Everything from idea to launch

  • Sponsorship agreement

  • Daily conference video news delivered directly to physicians' cell phones

  • SMS invitations on behalf of Representatives

  • Full support from the agency

  • Ready-to-use workflows for obtaining additional consents and updating your customer database

  • Reporting


What do you gain?

  • Move your brand faster from global to local communication

  • Reach more HCPs and KOLs

  • Meet HCPs' strong demand for conference highlights

  • Stress the credibility of your brand message with KOL video commentary

How it works?

We offer everything from idea to launch

  • We work with the best medical consultants to create highlights agenda

  • We recruit selected KOLs

  • Write all scripts 

  • Approve all required content in your DAM if required

  • Check customer database for duplicates and bugs

  • Draft all slide documents

  • Send our production team to the global event

  • Record all video on-site or remotely if required

  • Schedule delivery

  • Report

We work globally

We report on conferences taking place all over the world. Our team is always on-site, and many years of experience allow us to record reports quickly and efficiently, regardless of where we are.

This year we will produce highlights from ASN, ASCO, ESMO, SABCS, EHA, ASH, ACR, and others. We are also able to prepare highlights from any global, regional or local conference indicated by the client.

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Conference highlights sponsorship packages

Conference Highlights sponsorship packages

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