Community building

When creating a strong brand, you should remember one thing above all - there will be no strong brand without a group of engaged users, in other words - without a community. Do you want her At Connectmedica, we know how to do this and are happy to help. For this purpose, we conduct wide-ranging activities, from websites and social media, from creating content to organizing events.

Programy kulinarne z udziałem znanych lekarzy

Project: "Doctor in the kitchen" Client: Zentiva

Brand communities gather the most loyal customers in one place, which is a huge added value for brands. Moreover, these types of communities are also valuable to the audience themselves, because people find others with similar views, values, and goals.

One of the communities we built in Connectmedica were the people gathered around the As a part of our activities, we created a website, created content, conducted social media activities, and organized events. is an achievement that sets new standards for pro-health communication on the Polish market.


Project: "Helo Zdrowie" Client: USP Zdrowie

What is a brand community in a few words?

It is a group of committed and loyal people who are emotionally involved in brand communication, and also become its ambassadors, telling friends and relatives about the brand or company. A brand community is people who follow your content on social media, share your products, services, and content with others, and simply identify with the brand.

Remember, your community is already on social media. It is a group of people with a specific point of view, needs, and perception of the world. We will help you find these people, build a strategy of interaction with them and between them, and then we will create a space for communication for them and with them.

In a year, has been visited by over

1 000 000 people

Portal has also noted 51 508 registrations.

Powerful business tool

The brand community is a powerful business tool for several reasons. It builds commitment, lowers the cost of reaching, and also builds huge organic ranges because according to the word of mouth marketing rules "one committed brand ambassador communicates it to an average of five people". Our activities are also attended by famous and recognizable people, such as Jerzy Bończak, Przemysław Saleta, Robert Makłowicz, Mateusz Kusznierewicz and many others.

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Project: "Fight with pain" Client: KRKA

How can we help you build a successful brand community in just a few steps?

  1. Define your brand and its personality

  2. Define goals and indicators measuring the effects of activities

  3. Recommend communication platforms

  4. Build a community and conduct communication

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