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We provide world-class event design and management. We begin our creative process by understanding the goals of your brand communications. Based on our initial research, we invest in potentially the best technologies available that can change our perception of a brand through engaging interactions.

A good example of our capabilities is the Center for Health, which we developed for one of Poland's largest brands OTC. We designed and built a health discovery space led by well-trained health ambassadors. During our three-year program, we set a goal to reach as many customers as possible by traveling throughout the country. Our client goal was to establish our clients' brands as trusted health partners.

The venue

The Center for Health was a 400 m2 mobile space where the latest technologies meet design, science and art to change the perception of health in our society.

The event took place in Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot and Wroclaw; each time we managed to achieve our goals - to invite more than 300 people per day to a 30-minute self-discovery test.

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Center for Health


The Center for Health consists of two enclosed areas, a white pavilion and a green pavilion, with a courtyard in between. Each of these areas has a specific function and is equipped with innovative tools for education and entertainment.

The modern equipment in the green pavilion offers visitors the opportunity to examine their bodies in 29 dimensions. Each guest can learn about how their body works and receive useful tips to help them improve their health. The white pavilion is filled with interactive demonstrations that offer visitors a real experience. The space around the health center is where all the social gatherings take place. These include group training sessions, cultural meetings and discussions about fashion, psychology and nutrition.

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