Brand design

Brand design is the best way to identify a company or product and distinguish it from the competition. When creating a brand design in Connectmedica, we start with the key elements such as logo, colors, typography, brand story, and other details that distinguish the brand from the competition and are recognized by consumers.

For many years, we have been creating innovative brands for our customers for leading pharmaceutical companies. Corporate, product, community, internal and external program, event, app, and website brands.  

We offer a comprehensive approach to brand design. Starting from understanding our clients’ goals, understanding target groups, and customer journeys. We map all checkpoints with customers and prepare the final brand design the way it will look great on images, social media, small and large print format, and video. Finally, we produce a complete branding book ready for a wide range of digital and non-digital use.

brand design logotypes

Thanks to such activities and our expert advice to clients, we notice more and more that it is becoming important for pharmaceutical companies to ensure a consistent message of the brand design at all points of contact, to strengthen the brand image in the minds of recipients, helping to leave a lasting impression and cement emotional ties with the brand. 

centrum stworzone dla zdrowia

Project: "Center designed for health" Client: USP Zdrowie

Hand in hand with our clients’ philosophy 

Brand design should ideally represent the personality of the product or company, its values and can be a powerful tool for shaping the engagement of recipients towards the brand. An unusual design, website title, or the method of receiving the materials can make a greater impression on consumers than any high-budget advertising campaign. Sometimes we spin-off the brand from a corporate or product brand or create a new brand umbrella.  

One of the examples is our client's brand “Designed for Health”, created as an umbrella brand for a wide range of promotional activities for healthcare professionals. Combining USP Health + USP “Designed for Health” we could easily introduce and explain customer's corporate philosophy behind every activity marketing team will include under the umbrella brand  


Project: "Designed for Health" Client: USP Zdrowie

Portal Zentiva dla lekarzy

Project: "Zentiva for Doctors" Client: Zentiva

Small delightful and engaging brands for your app or website 

Creating an app or a new portal is a great opportunity to introduce our customers to new, vibrant and engaging brands well connected with one or more products. We love to create these delightful brands, that we use across multichannel activities like websites, apps, podcasts. Sometimes our brands start to be so successful they lift off as a new product or campaign. Creating a small brand is a smart choice when working with celebrities, actors, or athletes, were taking them on board a product brand can be too difficult or forbidden.  

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