Healthy calendar

Agreeing with the old proverb “prevention is better than cure”, USP Zdrowie has introduced Healthy calendar – a mobile application which helps you plan all of your and your family’s prophylactic examinations and medical appointments.

USP Zdrowie
February 2013
Creative concept, branding, strategy, design
Healthy calendar application
Mobile application

Medical appointments and examinations agenda for the whole family

We all tend to forget about things – even if our health is at stake. This observation was the basis of research that has lead us to the creation of Healthy calendar. The essence of the application is its functionality and the innovative view at family-oriented healthcare. A user-friendly interface and highly intuitive navigation make the use of the application easy and pleasant.

Find out which examinations you should consider

Not only can you schedule your visits and always remember about them – personalize your profile to receive advice and updates on examinations recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Expert's support

Our application is supported by dr Krzysztof Kuszewski, the co-author of the National Health Programme for the years 2007-2015, former consultant of Polish President and a member of the National Health Fund council. Currently dr Kuszewski is the head of the Department of Organization, Health Economics and Hospital Management of National Institute of Public Health.

„Healthy calendar” is a great solution that allows its users to undergo all of the relevant examinations.

Krzysztof Kuszewski