Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in health on your fingertips

Pfizer, Adamed
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Virtual Reality
Mobile Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

In 2017 Connectmedica started implementing high quality projects in 3D graphics for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our goal is to help our Clients to improve quality of engagement with new and more effective ways to present complex medical topics like chemical processes in human body - with the power of 3d animations in virtual reality.

VR Step by step for your brand

Setup goals
Assign aim of your presentation: education or entertainment.

Assign how would you like to use VR: during events, by your representatives, for physicians or patients.

Budget and time frame
Time and budget translates into achievable effects of the project. It is worth considering your visual and interaction requirements twice. Is advanced interaction essential? Consider to invest more time in precise render effects.

VR for pharmaceutical companies

You may wonder if VR would make you stand out among others or is it already mature technology. First VR projects in fact are already successfully implemented and carried out i.a. for Cardiology and Ophthalmology. HCPs perceives VR stands as an interesting and outstanding element of communication mix. Connectmedica offers trainings to help representatives and hostesses engage HPCs with VR in proper and effective way.