Designed for Health

For USP Zdrowie, a leading OTC medicines manufacturer, our team has created a communication strategy that completely redefined the shape of the relationship between a corporate brand and the public. As the result of extensive research on trends and changes introduced by this category’s world leaders. We’ve developed the Stworzone dla Zdrowia (Designed for Health) programme that has set new standards of communication for pharmaceutical brands acting on the Polish market.

USP Zdrowie
October 2011
Creative concept, branding, strategy, design
Umbrella branding

Aim for health

Designed for Health is not about treatment of diseases and their symptoms – the balance point is moved towards prevention, care and improvement of one’s current health condition. It’s a highly complex project designed to educate and promote healthy lifestyle among Polish society. By now we’ve created multiple mobile applications, content websites and various pro-health social events. All our actions are supported by Facebook activity – we have over 100 000 enthusiastic fans on the Designed for Health Facebook profile. We’ve managed to build an extensive CRM base that allows us to constantly increase quality of communication between the consumers and the USP Zdrowie Company.

Communication leader

This is the first such complex initiative in Poland. Designed for Health has made USP Zdrowie an unquestionable leader and innovative communication precursor.

Designed for Health fanpage community is made up of over

100 000 people

with of extraordinary involvement.

Exceptionally healthy fanpage

At the moment, Designed for Health Facebook profile consists of more than 100 000 fans. Attentiveness in terms of content quality and careful verification of each publication make it the only such credible and professional health-related fanpage.

Thanks to the regularly organized, very popular chats with specialists, we have the ability to popularize pro-health attitude and educate our society on diet and physical activity backgrounds.

We advise, inform and inspire.