Health plan on your smartphone

Almost a half of Polish society doesn’t comply with therapeutical indications and over a third doesn’t take all of prescribed medication doses. This data comes from research conducted by Connectmedica team. To address these disturbing facts, we’ve designed My Treatment mobile application; an innovative tool that supports patients in reaching complete therapy effects.

February 2014
Creative concept, branding, strategy, design
My Treatment application
Mobile application

Medical appointments and examinations agenda for the whole family

We all tend to forget about things – even if our health is at stake. This observation was the basis of research that has lead us to the creation of Healthy calendar. The essence of the application is its functionality and the innovative view at family-oriented healthcare. A user-friendly interface and highly intuitive navigation make the use of the application easy and pleasant.

Find out which examinations you should consider

Not only can you schedule your visits and always remember about them – personalize your profile to receive advice and updates on examinations recommended by the Ministry of Health.


My treatment is basically a transformation of the widely recognised pill box into the digital dimension. We’ve been relating to the prototype while designing My treatment logo; we’ve enriched a simple drawing with vibrant colours thus enhancing consumer’s positive association with the product.


The design of My Treatment is both plain and full of vivid colours, yet remains pleasant to the user’s perception. The message is clear – this application is all about health. The aesthetics of design support the already user-friendly functionality and intuitive navigation based on recent guidelines from Apple and Google.


Article authors are healthcare professionals, who in simple terms explain important treatment-related issues. The blog acts as a supplementary tool that increases the credibility of the app as the ultimate support of medical assistance. Establishment of My Treatment blog, which consists of manifold pharmacotherapy information, also became an important tool from the perspective of positioning our website in search engines (SEO).

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  • My Treatment presents very well. On both the functional and the visual side.

    Grzegorz Marczak, Antyweb
  • My Treatment is where we will note our key medical information.
  • This application monitors the course of treatment and displays statistics of omitted medication doses…

    Wirtualna Polska