Health is an integral part of our everyday life. Hellozdrowie.pl is the first portal to have such a holistic attitude towards health and lifestyle; it’s a portal that operates in a modern and catchy style and never fails to surprise their viewers with fresh topics. Hellozdrowie.pl shares ideas and motivates its readers to determine their own healthy pathways.

USP Zdrowie
September 2012
Creative concept, branding, strategy, design
Portal, application
Internet, Mobile


Hellozdrowie.pl draws from the most recent UX knowledge. We’ve designed a user-friendly lifestyle portal with a modern and fresh design. Hellozdrowie.pl is an achievement that sets new standards for pro-health communication on the Polish market.

The site of healthy inspirations

Every day our readers are supplied with reasons to cross over to the health side of the force. Hellozdrowie.pl provides users with extraordinary challenges. Each one is a mean to introduce healthy changes to our lives in a step by step manner, but also to reinforce the relationship with the user.

In a year, hellozdrowie.pl has been visited by over1 000 000 peoplePortal has also noted 51 508 registrations.

Hellozdrowie.pl always by your side!

Hellozdrowie.pl is also available as a mobile app. Such a form of contact with the portal is particularly handy for users who wish to take up and go through a challenge.

Hellozdrowie.pl on your smartphone is your personal healthy inspirations ally.

A portal like no other

No other health-dedicated website has such a complex attitude towards the health field. We address all admirers of healthy lifestyle, who are willing to expand their health-related knowledge even further. Hellozdrowie.pl is also a unique brand-image medium. USP Zdrowie is the first company that has chosen such an innovative mean of contact with the public.

Since the beginning of 2014, Hellozdrowie.pl has been visited by 1 001 444 users! Visitors took 200 000 challenges, averagely spending 2,5 minutes on the website. Portal noted 51 508 registrations and currently has over 20 000 fans on its Facebook profile.

  • Best health-dedicated website I’ve ever seen!

    Magda Murowańska
  • Unique content, great photos, important issues concerning our health.

    Barbara Rogowska