Decision Based Education is a Connectmedica invented, innovative tool which redefines the way that educational meetings are being handled. What’s the basis of its originality? DBE is a system that allows learning based on real-time decision-making. The course of the actual meeting depends on decisions made by the participants.

September 2014
Creative concept, branding, strategy, design

iPad application

DBE is a combination of methodology and executive tools. It’s an iPad application which allows preparation, analysis and assembly of the educational materials needed to conduct a meeting.

Fitting to client’s specific needs

5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, as well as an extensive research regarding latest expectations, has enabled us to create an innovative tool – a shot that hit the bull’s eye. DBE is dedicated to pharmaceutical companies and their educational representatives, whose role is to give educational lectures and presentations to groups of doctors. Majority of such representatives don’t possess medical degree, therefore it’s difficult for them to act as an authority figure in front of a group of professionals. Meanwhile, the structure of traditional lectures puts them exactly in such position.

Each DBE presentation can be accompanied with a comment from an expert and a set of closed-ended questions. Participants’ answers to these questions are being recorded by the application and determine the further course of the meeting. Educational representatives act as moderators, while the recordings of experts serve as a substantial knowledge source.

A change in thinking

We understood that the presence of opinion leaders’ increases the credibility of published video materials, as well as the overall quality of educational outcomes. That’s why the combination of these two factors resulted in a completely unique product. At present, project is being evaluated in co-operation with the Medical University of Warsaw.