Are you a passionate user of new technologies?

    Join Connectmedica, develop innovative tools and products, enhance processes. Your knowledge and energy will help to launch breakthrough solutions.

  • Improve yourself

    Working with experienced professionals and participation in training courses will help you to improve yourself in a rapid and effective way.

  • Surpass yourself

    Moving beyond beaten tracks and making brave decisions give us an advantage.

  • Be creative

    Regardless of the department, we appreciate the involvement and open-mindedness on every stage of the project.

Meet our team

Meet our team

In Connectmedica we find optimal solutions for business and we develop our own innovative products. We launch original products on world markets as pioneers in modern communication and knowledge sharing.

We believe that the best tools are created thanks to the involvement of the whole team, confrontation of various points of view, passions and dialogue. Did you come up with an idea? We will put it into practice.

We focus on health

We create health-oriented products so we also support a healthy lifestyle of our team! Meetings during health breakfasts, fruit for employees, taking care of work-life balance … and much more!

We bet on ourselves

We carry our projects under our own brand. Did you come up with an idea which may succeed on the market? We will help you to implement it! We focus on the international market investing in our future.

We create dream teams

We know that the well thought-out structure is essential. This is why we build specialized teams, what enables a constant development of employees of all departments in the field of their interest.

Our office is a carefully designed space created to inventively and effectively use every moment and to relax from time to time.

What distinguishes us?

We create original products and innovative solutions for Polish and global markets. We kindly invite You to familiarize with our products:

We are currently recruiting for the positions presented below. If You think that one of them is for You, do not hesitate to apply for the job!